Hey guys, I have a Parker P-38. Lately I have noticed that I have a grounding problem with my guitar. It has started popping up in the past couple weeks. When I touch my strings or bridge the annoying noise goes away. I am using a humbucker so I'm pretty sure it's the grounding. When I use the humbucker/middle pickup selection I also lose the noise. What should I do to fix this problem? I use my humbucker 90% of the time and the noise is irritating me. Thanks.
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Take a multimeter, set it to the beep mode.
Stick one end one the jack metal bit.
With the other end prod all the metal bits on the outside of your guitar: strings, switch screws and pots.
It should beep at all of these.

If it doesn't, you know which part of your guitar isn't grounding.
If it does, try opening up and testing to see if the pickups are grounding in a similar way.
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