Hey I tried to make it sound well the intro of Master Of Puppets (Metallica)
so how can I make it sound well the intro of it~ plz help me
bass 6, mids 0, treble 9, gain around 7, bridge pickup

its played with only downstrokes. And it has also been doubletracked in the studio so chances are you won't get the same sound
what kinda amp do you have?

on my ultra 120 i usually go

treble - 7
mid - 2
bass - 7
gain - 7/8
reverb - 2-4
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I've got a Vox AD30VT and I use (Upsetting, but it's the best. Trust) the nu-metal setting, gain to about 8, mids around 2, bass around 9, treble at 10 and the reverb at about 3.

Downstokes, fast. I find it easier to do with a 1.3mm pick too; I normally use a 2mm one.
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generally - more gain, little mids (but not too little, you will lose tone), lots of bass and treble halfway and more.