I have just tuned my guitar to CGCFAD for my end of year music exam in 4 weeks. Previously it's only been tuned to EADGBE. I'm worried if keeping at that tuning for 4 weeks will warp the neck or something as i've heard a lot about warped necks from tuning. Should I tune it back to normal every so often? I've got other guitars i have tuned to EADGBE to play with. It's just it takes a while to tune it as i cant tune by ear.
what gauge strings are they?

you should get some not even slinkys

there great for detuning.
fat strings! 0.10 or 0.11 for the high e. Then it's no prob. what i've heard.
Knedl mid Soß. Des moga!
yeah the main problem from warping a neck comes when little to no pressure is applied or waaaay too much pressure is applied through the strings..... also constant tuning changes can mess with the intonation but i don't know about actually warping the neck.
It's a Guitar....it's built to adjust tunnings....from normal G to Drop down C Tuning......if it starts to effect the tuning by the neck giving or Twisting... due to the tightnening of the keys...or irregular tuning...then my opinion...Get a different guitar........if tuning is a problem...get rid of it...they are designed to be played and changed and to hold tune within a normal threshhold. Ive been playing Guitar 20+ years....Iam a Professional Drummer for the last 30 years....Guitar has always been a hidden passion of mine....Ive had only one problem like that ....and that was with a Guitar bought over the internet....wouln't hold a note if you forced it!!!!!flhridr