I'm embarking on a 3rd Wave Ska-Punk project. I come from a hard rock backround and I thought this would be a good alternative to my grunge playing. Any one have any suggestions on what are good key elements for that poppy ska sound? Also, what sounds would you suggest to look at to get used to the picking/chording?
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Cut down on midrange on your amp, up the treble and keep the bass at about 5-7.
Single coils are good (I suggest a fender telecaster), and you want nice thick strings.
Before anything, make sure you've got the right rhythm.
It helps to just listen to a ska song, then just practice going up and down.
(It's not terribly difficult)

Some things to consider:
Are you going to mute the downstroke with your barring hand (Almost bouncing off of the fretboard), or your picking hand(Almost bouncing the "meaty part" of your palm on the strings)?
Are you going to use a pick, or your fingers(I prefer to use my right pointer) for the strumming?
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I like to start with a normal down-stroke , then go into the muting (if that makes sense).
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