Hey guys,

can anyone recommend any setting for 80s rock, preferably like BJ Slippery When Wet or New Jersey, or aldo novo if anyone has heard of him??? Anyway something like that cheers. I'm using JMP-1 and 9100 and rocktron Intellifex. Cheers

Well an estimate..

Lots of mids and treble

Lots of presence

Medium amount of gain

Medium amount of bass

A decent output humbucker in a thinner/lighter weight guitar.


Why not just use your JCM800?
Cheers dude. I find I cant get any usable gain out of it really(the jcm800). And its always blowing fuses. I need to go up to Marshall's place and get it serviced really. I was thinking about putting another pre amp valve in it and maybe an effects loop for some reverb/chorus/delay. I usually find people telling me not to though.