I am looking into buying a Carvin Master series tube amp and was just wondering if anyone knows about Carvin's amps or has a Carvin amp because I really haven't heard much about them. I am mainly interested in how the overdrive sounds, volume level, and quality. Thanks.
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What type of music do you play? I play a MTS 3200 head through a Carvin Legacy cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30's. Great tone, but I also have different tubes in it, JJ E34L's in the Power amp section and ECC38S' in the preamp section.
Brings an monster of an amp already, to life.
Stock, it comes with 5881's in the power amp and 12ax7's in the pre amp. Nice tone, great cleans, good crunch.
I'd take the pepsi challenge with any Marshall in crunch and gain, but then blow them away with the clean channel.
Oh yeah, and save about 700 bucks, AFTER the tube replacement.

Volume, loud. It has a power reduction switch, 100W to 50W, I need a THD Hotplate to quite thing down at practice and gigs.
Quality, so far so good. Any amp has horror stories, so dont let that slow you down.

Oh yeah, Steve Vai uses and endorses them as well as early Mick Mars.
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You think it will do black label society sounding stuff pretty well then? Cause im really loving the sounds of this amp.
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Should be able to do some BLS and Ozzy stuff. I play in a cover band and we do STP, Foo's, Ozzy, Staind, Bad Company, Zeppelin, Cult, basically all kinds of "heavier" music. I play House of Doom pretty convincingly through my rig, which is :

Gibson Les Paul Classic w/ Burstbucker 3 in bridge, 57 PAF in neck
Gibson SG Special (not faded) w/ Dimarzzio in bridge
Fender Strat w/ hotrail in bridge

Effects loop:
Boss TU-2 tuner
Boss DD-3 delay
Boss CE-5 chorus
EXH Small stone Pitch shifter
Dunlop 535Q Wah
Boss GE-7 eq for leads
Digitech Badder Monkey OD modded by Mark Humphries

Carvin MTS3200 Head w/ JJ E34L's
Carvin Legacy bottom cab loaded w/ Celestion V30's
You don't have to stop there. Both the Legacy and V3 get good reviews on Harmony Central as well. Great amps, especially considering you can buy direct and get a great deal.
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Carvin has probably the best customer service ever.

Glad to see someone going for good stuff.
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Thanks for the info guys. I probably will go for the carvin when the time comes. I definitly like the wattage selector switch or whatever that is so I can get better saturation at lower levels.
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I would assume so, y'know, seeing as they are HIS signature amp...