In Rose Of Sharyn (Killswitch Engage) the second riff confuses me, how would I place my fingers to play this, is it the first on the 5, then the second on the 6 and the little finger arching over to do the 8 on the low E string...

G------ 5--7--8-----5--7--8---5--7--8---5--7--8
. . . . . . . . . . . .
heres how i would play it


or just have another guitar or bassist play just those notes on the low c string
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it's just me playing in my house on my own along to guitar pro
so really i have to learn it 'perfectly' to this tab, thank you so far but whatever i do the finger fretting that low C 8 keeps messing up the whole thing

i guess i will practise practise practise!

i've almost got the chorus which seemed impossible all those months ago, its just awkward shapes...then after that i get to the one bit i'm yet to attempt but it looks about as awkward as this!

shouldnt take me more than a few days...
Actually I'd play it more like this:


1 - pointer finger
2 - middle finger
3 - ring finger
4 - pinky
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