Lol me and a friend were listening to a song called.. "MC Lars - Signing Emo".. and the chorus is actually kind of cool, I was wondering if that was a real song or just a part written for this song?
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that bit of the song is actually written for that song
the band don't exist, although MC Lars made a full website, which has fans, to make it seem realler
for some reason 0_o
Nope, the band aren't real- Larshole made them up, made a website about them then wrote a song about them.
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"Hearts That Hate, whose song "Cry Tonight" is sampled in Lars's "Signing Emo", is a fictional group created by the rapper. The Grammy-nominated Texan band Bowling for Soup performed as Hearts That Hate when MC Lars has supported them on tour. A full version of "Cry Tonight" is available as a B-side to the UK "Signing Emo" single."
the name of the song/band are both ****ing brilliant.
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