hey, im looking to buy an electro acoustic, but can u plug them into an amp?

im guessing this is where you plug it in, can someone just summarise what this is please? lol thanks
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it will be on the lower bout of the guitar, left side or combined with the strap button. the pic you showed is the preamp. this is where you control the volume and tone.
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That is the pre amp, you can plug it into an amp(socket is where the input socket normally is) but it wont sound amazing unless its through an acoustic amp.

Correct me if im wrong(probabily)
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That looks like the electronic control panel for a peizo pickup. You have on/off,
volume, tone adjustments and a battery compartment there (for 9V transistor).
The plug's probably around the other side. You'd use a normal guitar chord and
plug into it an amp. Probably an acoustic guitar amp.