Im looking into buying a new setup. Im almost completely sold on a vox ac30cc2x....but im not sure what guitar to get to go with it. Any ideas?
personally a strat :p but ive always been a strat man
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Rickenbacker, gibson melody maker, epiphone coronet. I know those go well with it.
Try loads of guitars with it, you decide.

But I'd say, just for classic-ness, a Rick, a Gibson ES-type guitar or a few of the Epi Hollowbodies, and of course, Strats, Tele's and LP's.
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Gibson Trini Lopez anyone?
Or an Epi Casino, rikcenbacker, Gretsch?
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i'd say pretty much any non-metal type guitar. you don't really want to play an ESP or Jackson, etc through it. IMO everything else will sound descent, and traditional guitars like strats, les paul's, tele's, casino's and so on will sound great.
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The best guitar I've ever heard through one is an Eric Johnson Signature Strat.
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Im not the biggest fan of strats...never have been, but for some reason im becoming very attracted to the fender jaguar...what are the pros and cons of that one?

PS...i guess the style of music im into counts...im really into experimental stuff like muse and mainstream rock like incubus or audio slave
^I think a jag would be well for you. I love Jag's, but my $$ is tied up at the moment, and I'm trying to supress my G.A.S. for a little while. Jag's sound good, are versitile and comfortable to play, and look great.
^I love Jags. Aks Pedro about them, he knwos alot about jags...
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It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

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and some oppinions on the vox...is it really worth getting the blue speakers for $600 more? or are the wharfendales (or however you spell it) ok?
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Gibson Trini Lopez anyone?


I think I'd do anything for a Trini Lopez & AC30

even without the alnico blue speakers
the wharfedales are very good speakers. they are actually the oldest speaker company in england. They have better power handling capabilites as well. its more of a preference thing. they both sound great.
I'll just tell you one thing.

AC30CC2X + Big Muff + Strat = OMFDG

Seriously,its orgasmic.
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lol u guys are acting like only the beatles used this amp

they are the most obvious and well known users of AC30 thats all, Brain may comes close. But even non-musicians know the Beatles used Vox. My mom went to see Paul McCartney and told me he was using Vox's without me even asking her.