i've heard people talk about re-wiring their guitars and it makes it sound better but how mmuch of a difference does it make. if i were to do it would i just replace the wires with higher gauge wires or something or what kind of wires. any help would be appriciated
don't bother unless the wiring is old and showing signs of distress. it would just be a waste of time, you wouldn't notice any difference if the current wiring is ok.

i have always believed in 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'

or are you talking about re-stringing? i'm confused now.
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It really won't make any difference in sound if you re-wire the electronics of a guitar, unless you're replacing old electronics that sound bad or changing pickups. IMO it's not worth the time and money.
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One of the most reasonable things i would think of to making a guitar diffrent would Mabye be chaning the pickups on the guitar.

So i agree with Chimaira

but rewiring it to make it sound better without anyother equipment dosent seem possible to me