Hey, I am a starting ska/regge player and i was wondering how bands like Less Than Jake or Reel Big Fish get that smooth clean sound when they play a ska/regge chord? If there is a pedal or amp effect or some kind, plz post the name and a link would be great. If you dont get want I mea, download and listen to the song "The Science of Selling Yourself Short" by Less Than Jake. Thanks.

Rock on little dude!!!
I was wondering about this too... Can you go a little more in depth on how to use a compressor for this kind of smooth Ska chord strumming? I can play ska but it sounds no where near as smooth as RBF or LTJ... What kind of compressor is useful? I was also wondering about Reverb or Chorus. I don't have any of these effects pedals so bear with me please. THanks.
dude...that pedal makes me want to curb stomp babies and eat your face.