i'm thinking of buying my mates Ibanez RG320FA, but he's installed EMG's (81's i believe) and it's apperently way past it's warrenty insurance date when he installed them. the price he bought it for £400 and wants to sell it for £350, but wound'nt the new pups devaule it or somthing, or i'm i just thinking up crazy ****?
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Those pickups are a lot better than the stock ones, new parts will only devalue vintage guitars. In that one they should probably add value.
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Is your guitar a in 1958 Gibson? if so they probably would devalue it a lot

in the case of that Ibanez any upgrades have minisclue effect on the price (they barely add anything to it generally). I'd go get him to lower price at least 300ish or so.

its not like its a You know 1969 strat or les paul
its a ibanez mady a few years ago...
its not worth any thing other then what its worth puls a 81 just adds value more or less becuase its something most metal players want on there guitars
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