I just came up with a simple acoustic rythymn and built on it. It's not a particulary complex song (hence the simple in the name). Don't be expecting anything really exciting, it's sort of relaxing and calm. I included a piano part at the end but I haven't played piano in at least 5 years so it might not be right. Sounds ok to me though. Crit for crit
simple chaos.zip
It sounds pretty good. The only thing I could say you might need to fix is that it's a little repetitive. Overall it was nice.
It really needs more going on. The piano doesn't come in until the end. I think you should use it from the start to add more texture to the music.
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I liked it, I love hearing these kinds of things. The repetitiveness makes it special, and it was relaxing, reminded me of a chinese kind song. Mind if I have a tab?

edit: oh I just realized it came with it, lol. cool!
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I liked it, especially the intro and the end. Also the piano intro...it was totally unexpected. But u could've cut a few parts in the middle.

crit mine
.:iloveu:. u'll like it too.
I liked how it built up a bit, it was kind of repetetive but it had a cool feeling to it. good job dude.