I have finally decided that my next guitar will be a Fender Strat, but I have boiled it down to three different guitars. They are:

Fender Deluxe Player's Strat
Fender 60's Strat
Fender 70's Strat

I really like the Deluxe Players strat because of the push button pickup selector option that, but I'm not sure if i'd use it much. Also, it has Fender vintage noiseless pickups, they are suppose to be good but I have heard that they cut down on the Fender tone. Then I realized, wait a minute, most of the music, if not all, of the music I play/listen to is from the 60's or 70's (ie Hendrix, Clapton, and Zep and basically all of the bands in my favorite bands section in my profile)

Would I be better off with the Deluxe Players, 60's or 70's Strat would you say?

Gracias in Advance
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I have the 50's classic, and it's great, so I would recommend the 60's and 70's over the deluxe player.

They are very similar; but they look a bit different, and the 70's has an ash body. I've heard that the three-bolt neck is ****; so maybe you should go for the 60's.
well get a 60s if you want a hendrix kinda sound

or a 70s if you want a clapton/ jimmy page(ie: in the evening tone)
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