hey guys. i just wanted some input in this song i wrote not too long ago. Its only one guitar track, and it was recorded through a laptop mic so its not the GREATEST quality. But any comments would be greatly appreciated!
pretty good, but need more variation. You play the same all the time!
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That main riff is pretty catchy,..........but it kinda lost it's charm after being repeated over and over and over........I can tell you tried to vary it a bit, but it's still repititious.

I'm not saying that you shouldnt repeat your riffs, but it just doesnt seem to go anywhere, or build up to anything.

I can imagine this song being played a lot faster, with drums pounding, and some screaming vocals. But right now, it's a bit bland.

keep at it.

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do u mean, how its played over at the beginning or throughout the song? And the idea of playin it slower at the end seem like a good idea? like u said with punding drums n such?
well, the speeds are really up to you.....

I just wanted to press that it needs some more interesting variation. And if it were played a bit faster in spots, than it would be more interesting. But, if it was fast everywhere, without a change in riff, than it would again be monotonous.

Yeah, the slow part in the end would sound great with drums, but you lose the triplet riff rhythm. Play the same triplet riff, except slower would be nice.