What does everybody think of the new CC album? I love it, did a review on UG the other day. But I noticed that on Purification By Fire at 1:01, if you listen closely, you can hear somebody doing that thing where you put your finger in your mouth and then make a popping sound by taking it out. Anybody else hear this?
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Pretty sure we had a thread on that.

Edit: anyway, can't find it. To keep it short, Kill is one of their best imo. It follows up to my expectations and is even better. As for that popping sound, I hear it too. Maybe somebody started playing ping-pong and then thought it was a bad idea.
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I thought it was great. Cannibal Corpse are getting pretty tech death, I couldn't ask for more. Personally I don't really miss Jack Owen, you could tell from the Wretched Spawn DVD and I thought his songs on that record could kind of drag if I wasn't in the mood for 'em. Stuff like this album definatly interests me more than the early stuff (not that that's bad, but to me it doesn't seem great either). Album was even better than I thought it would be.

I think they were kind of appealing to the people who always complain about the gore being a gimmick and that they should focus on the music more, but while still having the ability to retain the old fans (Submerged in Boiling Flesh for example, haha).
It's the first and only CC album I own. I bought it after seeing them a few weeks back.

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Love it. Corpsegrinder has never sounded better and the music is great... I actually think it's a step up from Wretched Spawn. The drumming on that album drives me nuts and the production is way too clean for my liking... sounds fake.

The album starts out great, too.
^^I know what you mean, the production on Wretched was pretty clean, couldn't hear Alex as well, and they did step up the drumming a bit.
pretty good album by cannibal corpse standards

make them suffer is my favorite song off it
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