I'm currently searching for a new guitar to purchase, i am looking for a rock/metal guitar to buy

my price range is around £250 - £350 (probably not that much to some people on here but it is for me lol)

the two i am currently looking at are



Ibanez RG350EX

please could you give me advice on some guitars and your opinion on those two guitars

well i probablly am looking for a guitar which is good to shred on

The first guitars are the ones i got now, their not the best
(Vintage SG and a AXL Strat copy)

in my new band me and luke (other guitarist) are around on the same level so we will probablly be doing a few solos each, and i heard that the explorer is a harder to solo on than most guitars

(quick background)
i've been playing acoustic for 2 years (3 years really with one year off, i was **** at it anyway) before i had my first electric guitar and amp
my first electric and amp were an AXL strat copy and a ZOOM 15 Fire amp or sumthing like that (still the only amp i got)

my soloing skills: um i can play some fast stuff, (first solo on battery - metallica, and the master of puppets fast solo) but i like to improvise alot as well, but i'm nowhere near as good as some of you guys are yet
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tough choice
sounds like the ibanez is bad qaulity but good guitar to shred on
but the ESP LTD EX 260 looks like a good qaulity guitar
esp ltd ex 260 i think
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