I have a Schecter C-1 Electric/Acoustic (hollow body with 2 Duncan Design humbuckers and a Ghost Electrophonic piezo system). It's great, sleek neck and very playable.

The problem, though, is that the bottom end comes through a LOT more than the high end, to the point that sometimes playing 12th fret B string is barely audible, but playing on the low E or A strings comes through like an overpowering fuzz. This happens on both the Duncan Design humbuckers and the peizo, so I don't think it's the pups. Anyway, it's annoying, I can't play some jazz chords in low positions because they just come through as low noise, and sometimes I just get little pings on my high E string. I get this response from lots of different amps.

Is the massive bass response from the acoustic resonance of bass notes within the hollow body?

Could I doctor my sound by running a good EQ pedal (like a 10-band) between my guitar and amplifier? Can I simply roll back the low end?

(yes, I've tried my tone knob, and I'm almost positive that the tone pot is good)

P.S. Strings aren't light- GHS Boomers, but honestly I dont wanna play anything lighter.

Thanks to anyone with insights or experience.
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TBH i think the duncan designed are the problem, every schecter i have tried with them in seems like its making up for a lack of decent pickups by blasting low end. change of pups will do it.
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ok so iv started been shredding for a while now. and i was reading other threads and i was wondering, is shredding just playing random notes all over the fret board wherever i want. or am i supposed to shred in some kind of scale??
what do you recommend?

I know the schecters that come with Seymours (C-1 Classic, etc.) have a JB/ '59 setup. Would that suffice?
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