Hey ive been playing guitar for like are year or so and i just got this MS-2 Marshall Micro Amp its a pretty good amp but im just wondering if u guys think theres another mini amp thats better than it.
Please post wat u think
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i was also wonderin bout somethin like this, i guess you can read the reveiws on some sites an see what some people have to say bout them
go all out and get a crate 65 watt its a great amp i have one for jamming i got mine at musicians friend.com for like 280$ just save up money or ask you parents to skip your christmas I did
roland micro cube 15. great distortion and tone for such a pathetic little box
I love my MS-2 it's pretty loud for such a small amp, but I don't really practice with it I usually take it with me on trips. I don't know about any other mini amps thought because I haven't tried them, but I'm satisfied with mine.
MS-2 is the best. I have a Dean Markley mini amp, but that kinda sucks. The fender mini amps really suck, so STAY AWAY.
If you can be bothered to drag a bigger amp around, then Roland Micro Cube or Vox DA5.