I play Classic Blues influenced rock (Zep, Cream, Hendrix), and i have no pedals. I have a Ibanez Strat knockoff from the 80's (i love her) and a Vox VR15. I can get a pretty good distortion tone from both of 'em together. So... I'm looking at pedals to boost my tone. Should I get either:

A. Distortion pedal (fuzz box, overdrive)

B. Wah

C. Other

What would you reccommend?
tubescreamer Maybe ?? But i love a Wah :p can bring something lifeless into something worth shagging.
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well you need a distortion, and not a fancy one. A DS-1 will do for $40... but if you're into all those bands then you'll eventually want a wah like you said. There are a lot crybaby fanboys around here, and I'm not one of them... my Vox does me just fine.

For straight-up blues that's all you really need unless you start experimenting.
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Yeah for the wah, since you play classic rock, I suggest a Vox Clyde Mcoy Re-issue Wah. I prefer it to the crybaby's. Gives a more classic tone than the crybaby IMO
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depends on the price you wanna pay, you could either buy a Jim Dunlop/Custom Audio Electronices Overdrive/Boost pedal that seems to be great but with a high price too or a Boss Overdrive, for a Wah I'd recommand you a Morley, they're garanteed lifetime I think, way better pedals than the Crybaby's, get yourself a Morley Bad Horsie and you won't regret it. If you want more effects, but I think it's useless if you don't have a little amp, save money for a better one before, but if you really want other effects you can get a Digitech or a Dunlop Chorus, a Dunlop MXR EVH Phase 90 or Flanger is pretty cool too. Anyway I hope it helped you a lil' bit.
get a ds-1, then a vox wah, then when u buy a tube amp, get a ts-9, and then buy whatever the hell u want
Boss Blues Driver. period.
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Overdrive pedals are best when you have a tube amp you can crank up and the OD just pushes it a little more.

For that, original TS 808's or keeley modded ts-808 RI's are my fav
or if you want that 60s sounds a dunlop dallas arbiter fuzz face
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Thanks for all your input guys. I appreciate it a lot.

In response to VR6 Stoner, I like my VR15 a lot, it has a pretty good tone, i don't gig with it, so it's my practice amp, and it suits me fine. It's inexpensive, good clean and overdriven tones, and it hasn't let me down yet.
You cant go wrong with a tubescreamer, or even try using two tubescreamers, one with low drive, and one with high drive the way SRV used to. Nothing touches the tubescreamer.
Since I'm a blues man, I don't use all the pedals in my sig all I need between me and my amp is my Boss Sd-1 (Analogman Modded). Thats all you need for blues, o yea and a tube amp.
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Yep, Keeley BD.....

Even the demo clip was AMAZING !!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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