Poll: how important is a bassist to a band?
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View poll results: how important is a bassist to a band?
the most important player
15 6%
very important, you cant go on without one
91 38%
pretty important, get one
112 47%
not too important, dont go crazy just to get one
19 8%
not important at all, dont waste your time
1 0%
Voters: 238.
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If you're going for the minimalist thing, or you want to try something different, then a bassist isn't necessary.

But you probably should get a bassist.
well thats just like saying how important is any rythm instrument
if the guitarists just wanna fret wank then they'd need something to keep their sorry arses in time, and it won't be the drums
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well 2 guitarists can work without a bassist but 1 guitar and no bass is a waste of time
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if theres 1 guitar, soloing to drums just sounds very awful and akward

if theres 2 guitars, you MIGHT be able to get away without a bass, but then the rhythm section is incomplete...

its all up to you, but imo u need a bass
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Bass is important no matter what anyone says. Bass and drums are the core of the rhythm section. Your cool leads will sound like **** without a good rhythm section. Bass is very important thats like asking is a band still good if there is no drums
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Bass is extremely underrated in it's importance. I know from experience. In my old band, we didn't have a bass but we had 2 guitars, and it just doesn't sound full enough. Especially when the guitars or keyboards or whatever are quieter.
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Depends. How talented is the bassist? Can he pick up on riffs real easy?

If not, then screw it.

Me and my friend Brett tried starting a band with a couple friends. The bassist sucked and the rhythm guitarist could play what we told him.

At practices, it would eventually come down to me and Brett making up riffs. Even if the other two were playing, our bassist never knew what to play, or even how to play. 'Twas sad.
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In my opinion, a bassist is one of those instruments that you need, won't be featured, but you can tell when it's missing. That being said.. every serious band I've been in.. i've had bad luck with bass players.

The first one, the bassist was one of those guys who thought he knew a lot about the music industry, but turns out didn't know anything. He was an average player at best and once turned down a gig paying $200 because "It wasn't enough money"... keep in mind that was the only gig lined up for the band that summer and would be our first paying gig.

The original band I'm in now.. the bassist is a friend and can get the job done, but does absolutely nothing else in the band besides play bass. Even when I gave him jobs to do like book a place so we could have a show he didn't want to do it.

I just joined a cover band and found out the bassist books most of the shows, so maybe things will change now.
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if you have a dude playing the tuba, then a bassist isn't necessary.

anyways, you should get some sort of bass instrument in a band, or just get a guitarist with an octave pedal keyboard to replace bass and a guitar spot maybe
You could live without it, but it would be better to have one
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well 2 guitarists can work without a bassist but 1 guitar and no bass is a waste of time

This is probably 99.999% true, which is good enough for me. But I just remembered that The Doors had 1 guitar, the drums, and an organ doing the bass function.

Anyway, our bassist is at a higher level so he keeps everything together and for "regular" bands is absolutely necessary.
The fact that 5 people voted for "Not too important" makes UG disgust me.
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A bassist is important if the style of music you're playing requires one. I'm in a band and we don't have a bassist, just a keyboard instead. It aint as good but we aint serious yet.
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how do you have the keyboardist play the bass part?

playing the deeper keys, my friend.
bass is pretty damn important and you sould get one. bands just don't sound right without a bass player.
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The fact that 5 people voted for "Not too important" makes UG disgust me.
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The fact that 5 people voted for "Not too important" makes UG disgust me.

Make that 8
Bass is essential...I think bands sound so empty without a bass player
the bassist, besides keeping rhythm, has the potential to set so many undercurrents in a song. and do so much more besides filling the sound.
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how important is it to have a bassist in a band?

lots of popular musical styles dont use guitar, but they use drums and bass. A full Rythm section is INSANELY important, get a bassist.
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No bassist = Empty, shallow, whining sounds
Bassist = thick, hearty, rhythmic

I think the drummer and lead guitarist are the most important to find a better than average player, but none to cocky. But if you come across a phenominal bassist, don't think you could go on without him
no bass, no soul. thats my input
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It all depends on what kind of sound your going for. If your playing conventional rock pop or metal, or pretty much anything mainstream for that matter, then bass is probably a good idea. However, dont let a lack of bassis limit you. Figure out a way to use the situation to your advantage. There is no book written about how music should be done or what instruments should be played bro. let your ears be the judge of whether u need a bassist or not. simple
A bassist adds a lot of fullness to the overall sound. U have to understand bass is not a standout instrument unless you play stuff like primus or tool. I woudn't kill yourself to get one but bassists, not to offend anybody and i play a little bass myself, finding a bassist isn't something you should bust your balls over.
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the bassist, besides keeping rhythm, has the potential to set so many undercurrents in a song. and do so much more besides filling the sound.

Deffinently. One of my favorite things to do with a bass to add undercurrents is to play arpegios of triad chords. I just hate it when bands have the bassist do all root note. People need to start learning music theory so they know how to let the instruments harmonize with eachother instead of just playing the same riffs together.

just joking.

music relies on balance. and I actually think that every instrument adds a little more to a song. It adds depth and variation to it, because the more instruments you have, thhe range of things you can do gets better.
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Very, once you've played with one, you never go back.
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You need a bassist, he and the drummer are the rythem section dude, bands cant function properly they need that sound to either follow the guitar or the drummer, take a melody, a riff etc...

they are needed man
yeah you need one. however they are overrated and should be the most neglected member of a band unless ofcourse you have a singer that loves themselves and thinks they are gods gift to the music industry in that case you should kill them
u dont have to have a bassist. just an instrument that covers the lower frequencys to balance out the high frequencies of the guitars etc. can be keyboard or some other instrument that can get that low. But i think that a bassist is the best option.. with me bein a bassist an all.
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you dont need a ****ty bassist
you want a good on
i like to have on
but there are some kick ass bands with out one that that they'll have a rhythm guitarist/singer
thats pretty cool

of course like the band im in (2 peice acoustic guitar) on guy will sing and play rythm whilst the other backs vocals and lead guitar... hmmm its totaly creativity of however you want to do something so you guys need taker er easy and just do your own thing
When my band recorded some stuff our bassist was at work or something and everyone that's heard our recordings (other than commenting on the poor quality of them as we had to use my videocamera to get the sound) has said their is something missing from it. Though they can rarely tell that it's the bass that's not there.
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