ok well theres a part in a song im trying to learn that the tab is


and theres a loop hammer symbol that connects the 0....i know im supposed to hit open and then hammer 3 then 1 and then let it ring open...but wenever i try it...its really hard to get a sound from the 1.....any suggestions?? all im doing is hurting my finger in the end cuz of trying to apply pressure wen it doesnt even help..
play open, hammer on to the 3 then pick the others like normal. are you new?
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make sure you're pulling off of the 3 hard enough. it'll probably hurt until you develop calices (sp?) on your fingers but it'll be worth it in the future.
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I'm going to assume that when you pull off you just remove your finger from the string. Something that makes it easier for the notes to ring out is to pull off like you are tapping, fret the note hard and pull your fretting finger down instead of straight off. When your finger releases the string it will be like you plucked it, but still a pull off.
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pull your fretting finger down instead of straight off.

k thanks...the only part i had trouble wit was hammering the 1st fret...but ya...i talked about it wit my friend at lunch today and he basically said the same thing... and the other stuff u said was good advice too....thanks dude