ive never written like this before, but whatever

Chester walked down the stairs
Into his cave of wonder
And what he saw left him in awe
The ship was going under

The keys came down
The monotones roared
Ringing came to his ears
The thunder soared
The sound collapsed
And the men all laughed with cheer

The sight was too much to bare
He ran back up taking no heed
Of the loose board not too far from where-
Too late! He yelled out his plead!

"Im falling down the stairs
and when Im just about half way there
I relize, this is not for me
Back on top, is where I need to be"

all ive got for now
That actually doesn;t sound too bad, one thing though. I don;t really understand it, from what I grasp of the first line, his mind starts to drift as he's going down the stairs, and he sees a ship sinking, all the men were happy the ship sinks, he trys to escape his thoughts of this ship sinking, and can;t get out, and slips on the stairs and starts to fall and says that he is not supposed to be at the bottom of the stairs, but at the top of the stairs.

I'm just curious, is that how it is? Or is there a hidden message I'm missing?

BTW, it sounds pretty unique.

Did you see what I did there? I made fun of his mom!
It's whatever works for you
I love thats what you got out of it, and it definatly works
but i also have my own things about it that i couldn't really explain

oh and Chester Nimitz was a naval commander, but its not really about him haha
This is cool. It reminds me of some wierd poem or nursery (is that spelled right?) rhyme... Very interesting.
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