ok im in school im on a really tight budget, but my guitar strap locks broke and my gutar is dead lol. and i dont have any money to buy a nice les pual like i had so i was wondering is the g-400 epiphone any worse then a gibson sg special? i dont know anything about sg's besides the fact that their light. if there worse how much worse . . . please help thanx!
yeah i agree i think gibsons are better
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i own a black g-400 and its ok i havent played a gibson but its pretty good for the money i would recomend it
I own an Epiphone g-400 and its a pretty nice guitar.
Great sound and great Looks but it IS NOT a light guitar.

I'd personally go with an Epiphone Les Paul Standard
The price difference between the G-400 and the Special is pretty big isn't it?? I'd go for a Elitist of some sort, they seem to be around the same price as the Gibson, and are way better
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G-400 is neck heavy, and the neck , as with most SGs, is a bitch to play on.

Nice guitar, bulky and im not too fond of the neck, but quality.
There's not a lot of difference but it is noticable. I'd say my G-400 is a 1/2 step down from my SG special.
I never really liked the Special. To me, it was ugly (Even though the SG is my favorite guitar). The stock pups weren't that great, of course I guess the G400's isn't much different, and the playability was just wrong, especially for an SG.
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My friend owns a G400 and it's nothing special. Maybe it's just his amp or the fact the he doesn't use it much but I didn't think it sounded all that great. It was real hard to move up and down the fretboard as the neck is painted red so it has a bit more friction.
If you have the choice, get the Gibson SG Special.