I have always wondered what guitar pete doherty played when he was in the libertines. I mean aside from the hollowbodies and that. What is the exact name and model of the guitar he has in the picture on this link?


By the way, please don't start a big doherty debate, i just wondered what the guitar was.

Cheers guys!
It looks to be a strat with custom tuners and pickguard.
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Looks like some kind of epiphone i'll look into it
yeah looks like an epi
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Epiphone... Seems like an Epiphone copy of a Gibson double-cutaway LP...

But I've never seen that before. Could be a discontinued model.
it looks like a custom Epiphone Double-Cutaway Les Paul.
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ya deifnately an epi. They make a line of stratocaster copys, they're just not widely marketed like their pauls, sg's, exploeres etc.. are. Google Epiphone Stratocaster and you'll find some for sale.
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looks like either an old Epiphone Olympic or Wilshire. Could be wrong.

I just googled that and it does look a bit like the wilshire.