im jus curious, how much would u say the wood of a neck affects the tone? via maple or rosewood...i kno maple is a bit brighter but it is something that makes a noticeably large difference?
its not like its gonna make a huge difference, but there is some tone difference. The main thing is the feeling u get from the different types of wood.
there is slight tonal changes... but everything affects tone if you think about it; the equiptment, surroundings, etc...
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maple is brighter on high notes but my main reason for preferring rosewood is maple always gets stained up nasty looking, the foriegn matter still accumulates on the rosewood but you cant see it. And I dont like the sticky feel of laquer vs. the unfinished feel of rosewood.
Are we talking fingerboard or neck here?

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fingerboard. have you ever heard of a rose wood neck? i know i havent.

yeah there's plenty of them out there.

I do think the original poster is talking about fretboards though.

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maple has a laquer on it as the rosewood is unfinished
and it looks better the rosewood
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yeah there's plenty of them out there.

really? i thought necks only came in mahogany and maple. could you give me a link with a guitar with a rosewood neck, id like to see that.
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really? i thought necks only came in mahogany and maple. could you give me a link with a guitar with a rosewood neck, id like to see that.

You can get guitars with pretty much any kinda wood you can think of. Fender made an all-rosewood Telecaster from 1970-1973 (I think). It was a George Harrison model. So companies have been doing this for a while. Go to www.warmoth.com and check out all of the different kinds of woods you can make a guitar from.

To the original poster: the fretboard material makes a noticable difference in sound. In fact, after the pickups, it's possibly the biggest influence on the tone of the guitar. That or right next in line after the body wood.

Note: i know very little about bass, just what my bass player tells me..
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I like all three kinds. Tonally the differences are subtle, so it mostly comes down to aesthetic preferences.

What's more important to me is the wood of the actual neck. It appears that maple necks are tougher, more durable than mahogany necks.

I find it funny how much confusion there seems to be about fretboard tone. I've seen people give completely opposite answers in the same thread. One would say that maple is warmer while rosewood is brighter and another poster would say the complete opposite. So, which is it?

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