Hey guys, this is actually a cover of one of my friend's songs, he asked me to do it, but since its not like a song anyones ever heard before I figured I'd put it here. His was all acoustic, I played it a little differently and put a solo in. You can hear the original here:


but my cover is here:


Its the second song in the player. Thanks in advance for any crits.
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hi CsT, just heard this and i'd like to point out a couple of things. firstly, watch out for the rhythm, u tend to go out of time (u speed up, mainly) and that doesn't have a very good effect imo.
i must also say the solo startled me, i wasn't expectin so much distortion... dunno, to tell the truth i'm not very keen on that solo, a few notes seemed pretty random to me, if u know what i mean, and overall it gave me the impression that u just threw into the song the first thing u came up with. i'd work on it.
the singin was ok, nice voice needs a bit of exercisin to get full control of it, imo, but apart from that it's got potential.
dunno what else to say, hope this is of any help. keep it up
so who do i have to kill to get a crit? --> Memory

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