My friend just got an Ibanez S520ex which comes with a ZR locking tremolo. He replaced the strings with 11-49s which are much larger than the stock strings. He dropped the tuning down a whole step as well. He went into lessons today, and his guitar teacher told him that the neck appeared to be bowing because the tension needed adjusting. Neither of us know how to go about doing this as we've never had experience with something such as this. It has a little roller on the back that is supposed to allow spring tension adjustment without having to take the back plate off. Apparently, if you hit a string open and then bend a note on another string, the open note will go out of tune, I don't know if this is normal. How much, if at all, should he adjust the spring tension, and how do we know when it's good to go? Any other advice having to do with this type of system would also be very helpful. Thank you.
take it to a luthier/tech...
the truss rod needs to be adjusted, and since you dont seem to know much about Necks and tension (i mean come on, the Ibanez comes stock with 9's... who in their right mind and wisdom would put on 11's without adjustment)
It would be fatal if you tried adjusting the rod...

The neck is bending because the strings are causing too much tension, and bending the neck...
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so it's definitely more of a truss rod problem than anything to do with the spring tension?
Sounds like the truss rod needs to be adjusted, take it to someone and let them look at it
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