Well, I expected worse from the way you typed, and what you named the MP3, for some reason I was expecting a horrible mess of off rythym powerchords.

Well, it started off good, recording quality sucked, playing was decent, but you ****ed up alot in the middle, you were hitting the strings to hard, and you got a little off rythym.

It was generic, and you dragged on the same thing for a couple minutes. If you changed it up, recorded some overdubs, and had some vocals, you'd have a song, but this is one generic riff.

Listen to your playing, and try to keep picking consistent, your dynamics are jumping all over the place.

Better luck next time.
yea im still workin on that...im not relle used to finger pickin alot, so its kinda hard for me to stay in dynamics and stuff and not hit strings to hard....but thanks for the tips, i do plan on addin more stuff and changin it alot, and havin my friend play with me on a second prt....
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