Alright, I am looking to buy a new amp. I am looking for a good preferably tube combo for around $500 dollars. I play all different kinds of music. I play praise and worship in my church band on Wednesdays so, I need something that had awesome cleans. I also play things like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Rush, and, Led Zeppelin. Metal is also becoming what I play a lot of so, I will need something that can get a good metal sound. Does anyone know any amps that fit my description?
I'd get a fender tube amp. Hands down the best cleans, guaranteed. I think the De'Ville is around 700, and it is a better amp for the money than the 600 dollar Deluxe.
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gonna be tough to get a tube amp that versatile for that price.

if you can stretch it, i would get the Traynor blue + an overdrive.

For overdrives, look into Ibanez/maxon ts-9 or ts-808, Boss sd-1. if cost is an issue, the bad monkey isnt too bad.

If you cant stretch it, Crate makes some tube amps ( Palamino series i believe) that i thought were decent, and can get pretty high gain.
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i'm thinking, find a used traynor, and a maxon od9.

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I like my fender blues junior, and you can the extra money into new speaker and new tubes.