I'm in the process of building up my bass. I bought a broken guild pilot at my local guiat shop for 300 and i want to fix it up because the neck has such a nice feel to it. I just fixed the volume nob so now i can plug it in and play, but the bass still has the same pickups it came with (P 90's i think) anyway i was wondering if anyone here builds pickups. Is it hard to make them? If it is difficult i might get some nice handwound pickups. If i go that direction i will be getting eather A Jazz bass style neck and bridge pick up, a Precision bass style pick up, or an original style P bass single coil pick up. What are going to be the major differences in these pickups? I will also be getting a paint job. The only thing is i would want to use a nitro cellulose lacquer, the same paint job that older 50's and 60's paint job that guitars and basses got (the paint that changes color and chips over extensive playing and the paint that lets the wood breathe by not putting layer upon layer of thicker lacquer and using paint that resembles the make ups of spray paint). I know they have stopped using this paint on all guitars, but would it still be possible to find someone that still does this work? If you know of anyne that does work like this could i get some information on it? I could use all the help i can get in this subject since it is the first instrument that i am restoring.