The new cd is amazing... go buy it, best 20 bucks for 28 songs if u like Rhcp.
Im exhausted from the last few days In TO ... but i like this song so much that i had to at least attempt the song... Theres tons of errors, but its too late for me to fix em, gotta work 6am tomorrow, but listen to it.. Its pretty a cool song...


Comment and feedback is great..!
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wow its sounds really good its perfect
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youre frickin awesome. period.
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very nice dood!
vocals should be a little bit louder maybe.
Stadium Arcadium is really awesome!
I like "Torture Me", "Desecration Smile" and "Make You Feel Better" best.
well, i dont think u play the guitar right in the intro, but its really close. I love that song alot
i like it overall. Except the bass is too loud/overpowering

I bought the cd for like 12$ rofl. its a noice cd tho
Once again, singing has really improved, man. Not perfect but a sh!tload better.
Yeah intro is a little off, but you stated that.

8.5/10 (I have no other covers to compare...)

I am ashamed to say how I got the Stadium Arcadium CD...
hey good job man. i love this cd, and besides the messed up guitar part, this is really good. good vocals.
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good job man. i love all of ur stuff! not bad for a sleep deprived song, singing has gotten better too!
uhh... the guitar sounded terribly sloppy. tbh it's sort of ruining it for me.

I think you have a habit of turning every song you sing into a pop punk song. And this definantly isn't a pop punk song

sorry i dont like it so much,.

Stadium Arcadium is really cool though
it isnt about singing like the singer.. or even trying to immitate his voice. I just think his voice doesn't fit this song well
Im not gonna stick to green day becuz my voice is not alike, obviously you only have 1 voice and it usually only sounds a few ways... A cover doesnt have to sound exactly like a song... I appreciate your honesty, but ive also had a few dozen people tell me they like this cover, so obviously everyones opinion is different, and I respect that accordingly. im not gonna not play some of my favourite music cuz some guy thinks i dont sound like Anthony, thats ridiculous lol
IVe heard tons of music on here, and no one ever sounds like the original... hmm maybe cuz we all have our own voice. Once again I appreciate the input.
The album does kick some major ass... I just wanted to cover a song no one had done yet ya know..
Anyone know what other songs are gonna be hits off the cd? (or 2 cds)
Work to live, not live to work.
IMO the songs they should release.. :
Stadium Arcadium
Slow Cheeta
Strip My Mind

Strip My Mind is incredibly excellent, best song on the cd tbh
tell me baby!!!!!!!!

and made you feel better, if, hard to concentrate, wet sand...
Slow Cheeta kicks ass!
"Everyone has so much to say, they talk talk talk their lifes away...dont even hesistate"
i love shes only 18
"knock the world right off its feet and straight on its head" I love that line, even though the song isn't as classic chili peppers as some of the rest

i heard hump de bump, storm in a teacup, and tell me baby are all gunna be singles

i loooove the bassline in the chorus of tell me baby, mmmmm, flea-y
Intro is wrong, I know it's a cover, so technically it's not wrong, but it's wrong in a sense that is sounds bad. Also, your voice is pussified to the max, it's not an emo song, don't emofy RHCP
The bass playing isn't in time. It seems like you need to work on keeping those fingers even when playing. I enjoyed the vocals (especially the backing vocals). Try turning down the bass level to avoid the clipping sound.

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I like the guitar, but it doesn't sound much like the song. It works tho and gives it your own touch. And yea, lower the bass, but the whole thing is really solid, and the vocals aren't bad.
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Voice sounds a little flat....probly just the EQ on it.

Instruments were played very well, the singing sounded very nice. Get the guy to re-record it with an electric guitar, thatd be nice.


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