I've got an Ibanez guitar and I have no idea what model it is. It's a black RG made in Japan. It has a V7, V8 and some single coil in the middle. It has some sort of floating bridge (probably some sort of floyd rose type bridge). The Ibanez logo on the headstock is different than on my other ones. It's sort of more of a silver color than the others. I don't have a picture, and I don't have the guitar on me right now, but that's all the particulars that I can remember. This'll be fun and sorta like a game, see? Thanks for the help.
it has a serial number, but no model number. I don't have the serial on hand as the guitar is at home. I'm fairly certain it's not a knock off, as it plays rather well. I bought it used for like 450 maybe two years ago which may've been a bit too pricey(although it was in near perfect condition at the time).
Sounds like an RG570. the Trem it is is an Edge Bridge which IMO is extremely awsome trem.
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