I have a guitar thats naturally dark sounding, with dark-sounding pups.
I can adjust the tone on the amp to compensate for this, but amps are designed to play best within certain tone perameters

(If I drop the bass on the amp EQ and up the treble, I get a balanced sound, but it's tinny and dry)

Is an EQ pedal effective for balancing out my guitar signal so that I can use the amp however I want?
(in other words, so I don't have to adjust for too much low-end with the amp's EQ)?

See my "Schecter C-1 E/A tone adjust" post for specifics on my problem
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An EQ pedal will balance out your signal a bit, but you really need to play with it alot. Don't just crank the treble and kill the bass to be a trebly sound. Also, you'll need to adjust the eq settings on the amp to work hand-in-hand with your EQ pedal.
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