Which one guys?


Go ahead..
It's not necessarily the dog in the fight, it's the FIGHT in the DOG
C1 Elite. Great guitar. Plus I personly like the body on it better than the S1.
For the same price, my favorite schecter I've ever played or seen is the CSH-1,, the sexy red hollowbody currently sitting 6 feet to my left, you should definately check it out.

However, if you're going for only those models, I would go for the C1, but, if I were you, I would pay the extra 100$ for the C-1 classic, my friend has one, and not only is it beautiful, but it has nicer pickups, and it's probably just luck of the draw, but his plays much nicer than the elite.
I'm gonna get a 600 dollar guitar..period.

I love the way the S-1 looks like. And ive heard so many good things about it. And avenged sevenfold uses them.

The c-1 doesnt look sexy...it looks kinda like a cheap guitar but i bet it plays beautifully..

What exactly are the differences?

Remember i play breakingbenjamin, metalica, ozzy osbourne, trapt, a7x and soloing....are these 2 guitars great for those?
It's not necessarily the dog in the fight, it's the FIGHT in the DOG
Yea dude, i play a c-1 elite and its metal all the way. And it depends on the set up....ive played some in the stores with horrible action/intonation...theres no way you could do crazy fret tapping lighting speed stuff with em...but then ill pick up another and i can actually play faster and better with it....beautifully set up. The c-1 series rocks, especially the elites...just depends on which one you pick up. As for the pickups...theyre the cheaper duncan designed ones...theyre not baaad, but im thinking about swapping for some dimarzios. The differences between the two: the s-1 elite has an extra volume control and is shorter 24.75" scale with 22 frets. The c-1 elite just has one tone and one volume, 24 frets and 25.5" scale. Theyre both great...but im biased towards the c-1 elite.
I guess i'll go try them out this weekend. I really liked the S-1 Elite, but i gotta make my own decision, thanks guys
It's not necessarily the dog in the fight, it's the FIGHT in the DOG
well, I love schecter because A7X use them, but I like Zacky's better, so...S-1
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C-1 Elites have a scale of 25.5" and 24 frets.

S-1 Elites have a scale of 24.75" and 22 frets.

The S-1 Elite in Grey Mist is one of the sexiest guitars I've ever seen .
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