I?m sure there is an easy answer to this but I can't figure it out. I've started learning how to read sheet music but one thing I don?t understand is where to play the note. There are so many different places where I can play the note so how do I find out which is right?
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middle c = 3rd fret A string C

open string A = one leger line below middle C or top line Bass cleff

open string E = the Space below F in the bass cleff, the line with the 2 dots around it.

As long as you are playing the note in the same octave just pick out the note that is easiest to reach, especially when sight reading. Now when you really learn the song if it is possible grab the note that is best depending on the mood of the song, say it is a slow deep jazz grab a lower note, or if the bass and piano are down in the low end GET OUTTA THE WAY!! When sight reading like I said, do what is easiest and most comfortable, when performing after learning and practicing set the mood and pay attention to whatever instruments you are playing with.
Thanks for the help I figured it would be something along those lines. The thing that made me think that was wrong was that when you use guitar pro it chooses where for you and I couldn't figure out its logic.
Read your sheet music top down; place the highest notes for any particular passage as low as possible on the neck, use the second finger rule, etc. Reading for guitar just takes practice, find a bunch of music that's all first position, then venture out slowly from there.
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