I'm buying a martin, guys. Any suggestions on which one to get? Here's a little bit of background info on my situation.

I'm in the process of writing songs so that I can take my act on the road. heh.

I'm also in the process of buying some equipment. My main acoustic guitar right now is a taylor 412. I also have a 210, but I haven't touched that since I got the 412. That's going to be used as the back-up guitar in case I break a string or something.

Well I have some money now and I want another guitar, and I want something that doesn't sound like a taylor (I already have 2 of those). I used to hate martins but I went into a local shop and played a couple and the higher end ones don't sound half bad. So here's my question--I know that within the taylor line the 4xx series are the best bang for the buck. Yes it's a matter of opinion, but basically once you go above the 4's, you're paying a lot more money for not a lot more stuff. So what's the best value in the martin line? I honestly know nothing about them, so I'm doing a little research. I'm looking to spend around $1500-$1600, but I could go as high as $2000.

And before I get flamed...
No I do not want to save a thousand more and get a custom.
No I am not a spoiled kid. I'm 21 and I work.
No I did not start playing guitar yesterday.
Yes I have an idea of what I'm looking for in a guitar.
No I'm not going to make up my mind based solely upon your replies.
I'm going to actually go out and play and let my ears be the judge, but I would still like some input because, like I said, I know absolutely nothing about martins.

So... whaddaya say?

I'd prefer to not have to go through the trouble of adding electronics later on, so I'm looking for an acoustic/electric.
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hm go Gibson J-45 best acoustic i've ever played. (1600-1800). i would REALLY go with that one.

if you really want a martin then go with a D-28 (2000) or D-18 (1800)

but id really really really go with the J-45.

By the way. i own a martin.
why are you only considering martin? avalon acoustics are brilliant if you can get your hands on one, i have no idea what US prices are like but the legacy series are truly amazing.
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^^well that's easy, because the guy wants the best sounding acoustic guitar out there. Alright man, here's the deal with Martin. They have their low-end guitars, which are good, but they don't quite sound like a true 'Martin' and I'm guessing that's why you want one, for that sound that no one can touch. Martins low-end (hating to use that term for martin) is about where you have set your budget. Though I realize you said you do not want to save up another grand, the bulk of the Martin line is in the 2000-3000USD category.

There are, however, perfectly sounding Martins for your budget. Check out the D-16 or the D-18. They are both quite good, but as I said and unlike Taylor, the more you pay for a Martin, the more you get. Bone nuts and saddles, higher grade woods, etc. My advice, go to a Martin dealer, DO NOT go to GC or some other megastore. Sit down, play a few Martins, see which one you like the best, negotiate negotiate negotiate.
I definately suggest that if you just MUST MUST MUST have a Martin (which in my imagination could be a pretty powerful itch) you're gonna have to get a D-28. That's the cheapest REAL Martin you can get. On the other hand, Taylors have a beautiful tone in your price range. Try one.
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Did you read his post, he already has 2 taylors!
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound
I'm gonna 3rd the D-28. A friend of mine has one and it's a truly wonderful instrument.
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I really liked the D16 with electronics when I played it, which is right up around $1800.

Buuut....if you don't mind leaving the Martin line...

I would look at the Alvarez Yairi series. All hand built in Japan, they have the sound quality of the martins for a thousand less. If you can, I would try to play them together. If I had the cash, I would definietly look into the DY84C and the DY91C.

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thanks a lot guys. and keep the suggestions coming.

The thing is, the martins are the only guitars the shops around here carry (besides taylors). $2000 is a lot of money, though, so I may be willing to go on a road trip as long as it's not too far out of the way.
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You really can't go wrong with a Martin, so if your local shop carries both Martin and Taylor, they've got a good selection There are also Gibsons in your price range, but frankly, I think with a Gibson acoustic you're paying for a name and nothing else. I've tried a couple and I've never been like "wow, this feels and sounds like a guitar worth paying $2,000 for!"
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this just in.

an old man has just run into my car. my brand new car... with less than 3000 miles on it. I have to pay my deductible (which I will be reimbursed for after everything goes through with his insurace company)... so, um, looks like I'm gonna have a little bit more time to think about my guitar decision.


that is all.
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Nice. Could be worse. A friend of mine let a friend of his borrow his new car and she ended up hitting 2 parked cars and caused $3,500 in damage to his car. She paid for all the repairs out of pocket, though. And yeah, make your dad pay the deductable. You're going to be paying the higher insurance anyway, it's the least he could do.
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haha my dad will not do that.

I wish, though.
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I dont really know much about the electronics that come in Martins since I got mine (D-16) without, but you should really consider getting the shop to install a L.R.Baggs og Fishman pickups and preamp as they are said to be the best ones. I've had my D-16 for a couple of months now, and I think its a great sounding instrument for my style which is mostly picking and strumming, but also some more aggressive Justin King style stuff.
Originally posted by kornrules09
well if it comes with pick, I say get it!
thanks for the advice everyone. I'm going to do some browsing later today (in my rental car !!). I'll let you know if I come home with anything.
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