Hey guys, I really need experianced band members to help me with this tis a serious issue for me. My band is doing good or how long we have been together, since december, we have about 5 songs. But my bass player at practice always just messes around, he just plays his own thing and doesnt listen when we are telling him something. The really pisses my drummer off, he thinks its a wate of gas money and time, but as soon as I get my new amp things will go back to normal. Also, by bass players brother is a drummer in a band Called Shake Azalia, and he thinks they are like godly and compares everythign we do to them. Kicking him out is out of the question because he is very close friends with all fo the band mates, and an extremely good bass player. i need to know how to approch him iwth it and how tog et him on teh right track.


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You really should talk to him one on one and explain it slowly. If he wont inderstand and he wont care bout what the other band members think then you dont have a reason to play with him. And how the heck will a new amp solve this??
The one on one idea was good. But a few criticisms I have:

Never think that you can't fire someone. When our band first got together, there was some confusion on who was going to be in the band (Long story, but let's just say some people weren't showing up because of work) we had to decide whether to have "Derek" or "Casey" on guitar along with our friend "David" on guitar.... we ended up decided to have both Derek and Casey and firing David even though he was our friend, knew all the songs, wrote some, etc. But there were a lot more factors involved in that (Update: David wants to come back to the band as a drummer but it's unlikely)

The point is, even if he is a good player and has "connections' if he can't do what the band needs to do.. he doesn't belong there. What you need to do is this:

Determine what the goals of the band are (for this month, 6 months from now, a year from now, etc.)

Have practice without the bassist and see how things go. Start asking around for other people (ALWAYS have a backup)

If the bassist comes in and sees another bassist, I bet you he'll get his **** together.

and yes, what does getting new equipment have to do with the band getting back on track?
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I feel your pain man, the bassist in my band does the exact same thing, and it really pisses off our drummer, then our drummer kicks us out of his house and says practice is over which pisses me off.
You should just do stuff without him and when he comes in and y'all are playing something which he doesn't know about, he'll get pissed off and either get his act together or quit instead of being fired.
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wait..shake azalia..
from port charlotte?
i know of them. seen them play a few times.
let me know if you guys are ever playing, eh?
i'll show for you.

just grab him after a practice (it's probably be better than before so he wouldn't get pissy for practice) and tell him that you guys have come way too far to let fooling around ruin it.
let him know you won't kick him out, but that he needs to focus a bit more and work with you guys so you can get things done a bit quicker.