Hi guys, I just bought a new set of D'Addario strings (.008 - .038) after my old
.008-strings broke. I liked thin strings for my guitar because I feel comfortable
doing leads, solo stuff and some shredding. I also thought of buying new strings even when my old strings were still intact, because I noticed that after 2-3 weeks, they kinda get rusty. So I just ignored it until it broke.

I liked my new .008 strings, but after 2 weeks, the 3 thinnest strings (G B e) got rusty. The strings are rough and I really miss the smooth/shiny feeling when I slide on those strings when they were new. I noticed that my friend's strings (thicker) are still in good quality even though it's months older than mine.

I usually get the rust off by cleaning the strings w/ paper, but 50% of the rust remains; and it'll just get rusty again afterwards. Does the thickness of the string affect its quality or what? Can you guys give me any practical advice I can apply regularly so my strings wont get always f***** up..

And yes, I'm aware of products for taking care of strings.
I think it just may be the way you react D'addarios. I once tried a set of their .9s and they were covered in tons of gunk after 3 weeks. Try some other brands (or change your strings more often...D'addarios do play really nice when they're fresh)

Though some people don't have any problems at all with them and have much more trouble with Ernie Balls rusting quickly (that lasted for quiet a while for me)
I use Ernie balls and I've got the same problem despite wiping them down during and after playing. Any suggestions to stop then rusting would be helpful.
I use D'addario's and personally I think the thin ones do tend to get rusty faster, I've never used .8s but I've used .9s and they got rusty and broke really fast, then I got some Fender .11s and they got rusty really fast and ended up ripping my fingers but now I use D'addario Light Top/Heavy Bottom (.10 - .52) and they don't rust as fast as the Fender.

But you can keep them from rusting as fast if you wash your hands before you play, but make sure to dry them, and also some stores (Target :P) sell String Cleaning kits, I bought one of these and used an old shirt, and it gets like 80% - 95% of the rust off them, I wash them like every 2 days and it's made my strings last 3 times as long.