Hi guys

i play now for 1 3/4 years guitar (and i think i play pretty good) but this seems impossible to play in the speed frusciante plays it!
do you have any tips to play this awesome intro?

Dude, its real easy, just keep hammering at it, maybe youre finding the finger positions hard, that takes time if youre unfamiliar with those chords. Best chilli peppers song ever .
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alternate picking helps, remember to hammer and pulloff to ease picking. good luck!

oh and don't anchor.
Playing slow and accuratly is a feat within it self.

Go slow and build up you accuracy THEN start to speed up.

Also as metioned before, alternate picking and hammer ons/pull offs ease the pain
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yeah i started like you said yesterday - i just wanted to know if there's a trick behind his playing

so i'll go on practicing
Yup, I thought it was hard at first, then 3 seconds later I seemed to have it right...lol
Amazing song
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