Right i was looking into a new bass but i dont really know where to start, so i thought i'd ask here

I play generally like modern rock, classic rock and things, and i have about £300 to spend (about $600?), i was looking at ibanez cos they seem to have the most choice, and an SR300 caught my eye, but i dunno how it would sound and thought you guys might have some better suggestions?

This also made me think that shouldn't there be like a sticky thread for all these 'new bass' threads cos thers like billions of em...
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no one?

EDIT: sorry, thats bumping or whatever isnt it
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www.harmonycentral.com has reviews on almost every brand and model you can think of, and each review they say what kind of music they play so you can click on a review of the model and what not and see if people who play the same kind of stuff reviewed it positively or negatively, thats the site i uselly look at for getting new stuff instrument-wise. Iunno if that is like advertising another site, if it is, sorry
If it were me I'd get the Ibanez Artcore bass, but I guess you're most likely after a solid-body

Have you looked at Yamaha?
^Yeah i would agree, although you can get a Shecter Custom 4 for about that price, and they're pretty nice basses..

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Well i can go higher, I just dont want to that much because I havnt been playing that long so i dont really want to spend like loads on a bass at the moment
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no one?

EDIT: sorry, thats bumping or whatever isnt it

yes. Delete your reply instead of apologizing within it. You didn't even give it a day. THere would have been replies.
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