yah my head is aching since 2 hours of making up of something. I usually play p-muted open e and powerchords lol. So basically how the 80s use to play. But im trying to make my own. Any tips how to not having a headache over making up some riffs, and basic song structure(intro,verse,chorus, etc.) ?? I would appreciate it. thanks.
what you do is get something to record on, [my cellphone lets me do that] and just improvise. then it's recorded you listen to it. find something you like and go from there. or you can someone else's riff and make it your own by adding or taking notes out. whichever one is easier.
i record on my computer.... if your thinking i dunno how to record or with to record.....
You could start with a simple riff and add more guitar and bass parts in it... If you are trying to do it single...it would help a lot if you play the guitar clean at first....it makes it easier to structure the entire song..... and try not to make complicated riffs or something.... start of with something simple, even with some simple chord progression and then try to add some scales or something over it... I've been in a band for 4 months now, so probably my advice might not be too important but thats the way we make our songs... try to listen to them.. the links in my signature..
Not laziness, They either dont know, or dont have an answer. I just mess around to make riffs, I would start out with power chord riffs.
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Youre lazy. Asking other people how to improvise your own music?.....ha. Id suggest listening to ungoddly amounts of music that uses complex arrangments of power chords and/or more importantly complex picking techniques over said power chords...ie. Metal. Powermetal or old school thrash/death has tons of this.
lol, person above, thos would have started a fight, but you kno you still answered my question. good man.... (or woman..., i dunno..., since you know...., its the internet).
There's no need to listen to ridiculously complicated stuff. Just give it a rest. Forced riffs are usually garbage.
My advice is to play around with loads and loads of chords, barre chords, jazz chords, you name it.

I find that when people write riffs using just power chords, it limits their creativity, because you only essentially have 12 bisexual and flavourless tones. There's absolutely nothing to stop you reverting back to power chords once you work your riffs out, because by experimenting with weird and wonderful chords, you're less likely to get stuck.

Also, try using minor third and other chord extensions for that rock and roll sound. That's fun.
Learn some scales and stuff, mess around with them and make riffs that follow certain scales (ionian, etc). Use power chords to add heavyness to your riffs but use single notes and other chords to make it more interesting. Throw in palm mutes and pinch harmonics wherever it sounds good and just have fun with it dude.
learn your shi* so your creativity grows and take a tylenol. and theres a lesson or a column on song structures: i think its called " unique song arrangements". i thought it was pretty good.
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i just jam until I find something that sounds kool then I take it from their and ive got alot of compliments on my riffs (not meaning to brag or anything, just givving advice)