no you always wanna play before you buy cause you may not like what you get!
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Well, I like to try stuff elsewhere, but buy it online. It's often cheaper.

But of course, with things like basses and amps, each one will be slightly different. Unless you are really really fussy how certain things are, you needn't worry IMO.

But do get to try it whatever you do.
I bought my Fender Standard Jazz Bass from eBay. It arrived perfectly. It was in a hard case though. I wouldn't recommend shipping it in anything else but like the others have said, you should try it. If you can't get your hands on a Fender, try out a Squire, it's as close as your gonna get to the real thing because the main thing about buying online is that you don't know what you're gonna get, so try out this bass before buying it.
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If you have played it and are happy you defo want that one then i see no harm in it..

of course you dont have the chance to check the body etc, and you can't barter for some free strings or a bag . also, a lot of places will sort the action out for you free the first time when you buy from them, which online retailers cant.

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I've bought three basses, three or four pedals, my combo amp, my entire stack (preamp, power amp, rack case, two cabs), and a bunch of little stuff like cables online, mostly on eBay, and I haven't had any problems (along with a slew of non-bass stuff, of course). As long as you make sure the seller is trustworthy, you shouldn't have any issues with the item not matching the description.

BUT, of course, descriptions can't say everything about a bass, so you may find something you don't like about it even if the description was perfect (and accurate), but for most people, as shut_up_you_**** said, that shouldn't be a problem.

Also, if there are major problems with what you get, unless the place you bought it from is shady as hell, you shouldn't have much of a problem getting a refund, minus shipping. This includes buyer protection on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.
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Just make sure the sight is legit. If there's anything wrong with the bass, make sure they have a return policy.
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Make sure the website is extremely reputable. Most of the time, if you get scammed, eBay will rip the seller a new one. Musicians friend is always pretty good (this is not an advert), but one of my basses took about 4 weeks to arrive.

Its also nice to support your local music stores. They may not have exactly what you want, but sometimes you find something better. thats my style when it comes to buying basses.
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My dad buys everything online. It has turned out pretty good so far, but still, you want the security of at least trying out the specific bass you want before buying.
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No, I bought my first bass off the net, it sucked (but it was my first bass) and then I went to a local shop and got a sweet bass for a great price.
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i bought all my basses, pedals, and amps off of ebay. havent had trouble yet, except with my mini q-tron, but thats only because it sucks as a pedal.
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try it at a store, dont buy it their though, buy it online so youve tried already and still get it cheaper
GAK is definitely safe and quality...just gotta worry bout the companies making the instruments themselves, and fender have a name to live up to
when you by oonline, you dont know exactly what you are getting.however it is cheaper and has a wider range, it is still risky.you may have to wait longeer.a benifit is being able to browse much more easily, but it doesnt matter much, because what you got is what you get.

buying at a store may have less range, but is much more reliable.you can also get to play them before you buy, and decide if you like it or not.however, the prices are alot higher.
I bought my PD7 from GAK. best purchase ever

if i ever buy a bass, i want to either buy it in person, or test it out beforehand. i would do the same with amps, but the 3 local music stores stock about...2 bass amps between them, and theyre not the ones im looking at. and im not travelling to manchester/chester to JUST test an amp
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