ive only been playing by my fingers, finger picking. Im wondering if i should start to use only the pick? got any suggestions
Well what kind of music do you play?

there are a few occasions where you can get away without using a pick (Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits never uses a pick) though if you want to do fast heavey metal shredding stuff or palm muted rythm parts you're going to have to use a pick.
i started using my thumb so i could get a feel as to where everthing was. then i moved to a pick. i still finger pick this day, and i use a pick too, it all depends on what i'm playing. try both, and see what you like. picks aren't that expensive so go buy a couple different kinds and experiment.
i play all acdc, metallica, guns n roses, selective of van halen and led zepplin......im best with fingerpicking and kind of suck with pick.....also if i should start to use a pick got any suggestion on technique or anything?
I don't know both ways are cool, but some songs require you to fingerpick. Yeah, or use your toes or tongue or somethin'.
I use fingers for clean akkustic sounds and pick for anything else.

EDIT: ALWAYS remember to alternate! Even when you palm mute!

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I'd advise trying to alternate pick (downstroke upstroke downstroke upstroke etc) as soon as possible as it's a good habit to have and is best to learn from the beginning. To start with just try picking 1-2-3-4 on a string. Another thing for when your just starting with a pick is too try picking every note in a chord individually to get the coordination right.
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You should check out the picking lessons on this site (i mean UG).... they are pretty good and give you a lot of advice on picking. But remeber, learn alternate picking as soon you start picking... I made a mistake of starting to learn alternate picking late and now, i kinda suck at it......so i switched over to the bass..... anyways.....my friend who started on the alternate picking very early and now hes the lead guitarist in my band.... so...I'd say, its better if you learn to use the pick, because its not like you'll forget to play with your fingers.. learn all the techniques you can, while you can... it'll help you a lot in the future..
I have used a lot of picking on electric and fingerpicking on an acoustic. However, for certain songs I am switching to fingerpicking on electric; I think there are a lot of tonal options available by using fingers that I want to explore.

It's very helpful to learn both, though, especially for metal riffs.