theres many people
that lost there loved ones
as the clouds hit the sky
i thought that they were done
but still the carry on
well, new york never dies

well we're free american free
now we're free american free

theres many people
a mass of people
who gave there lives on that day
i often look back
as the tears roll back
and, do you feel the same

well we're free american free
now we're free american free
we'll never run and hide
theres too muck love and pride
and were free american free

can you see the light
can you feel the love inside
do you feel alright...
cause i cant imagine..
how you feel inside

i watched this woman
on the news today
with her fireman lost in flames
she never blamed no one
i kinda thought she would
with the, firemans baby on the way

now shes free american free
well shes free american free
shell never run and hide
too much love and pride

well were free american free
(repeat 4 times)
it goes from a D to a Dsus4 then C to G sounds pretty good we have a blues sound for the lead. i think it's going to work out pretty good
I guess we are free aren't we?

By the way, the song sucks.

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Petey cook sucks. He bashes everyone's songs. Don't listen to him.

Your song does suck though. The rhymes are too simple.

I'm glad you actually like the counrty your living in. I see too many people bashing this country and it's just sick. This was a refreshing change.
Well, although Petey and bemild's criticism is hardly cordial, this song does need some work. I like the idea you were going for, however. It's always difficult to write lyrics about events that took place, or our country for that matter, and I certainly applaud your efforts. The rhyming of 'back' with 'back' for example is pretty repetitive. I did really like the line "as the clouds hit the sky."
I give this one a 5, but i would like to hear it with music if you manage to get it recorded.