I'm building a guitar in the summer and i cannot for the life of me decide on a body shape. I want something more exotic than a tele or a strat but not something stupid like a BC Rich.

Im not imaginative enough to design my own, so any models i should look into?
nice ideas, i play a lot of funk rock however, forgot to mention that, so i would need kinda like a subtle guitar which still looks effective
I like mustangs and jaguars you could even try a Jagstang
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Make a big box shaped guitar.
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Make it like a Gibson Moderne.

Or an Epiphone Airscreamer

But seriously... Try extrapolating shapes... Like, the Warlock is kind of like a Strat with bits missing and other bits sharp :p

Try working that way, but with a different starting model.
Take a classic design such as a strat, and try to either incorporate other body features (such as a Gibson to a strat as Mr. PRS did) or take a classic design and morph it. Make something longer, make another thing wider, make it overall sleeker or add some contours or such. Just play around with stuff, and if you like it then build it
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