hey im playin guitar for 2 years nd decided 2 get gigs.I no a guy who can get me gigs but i hav minor stage fright!!any one got tips or in da same vote??please reply also i need some general tips nd sum gud songs 2 cover
Ian (new guy)
Well, I've found that the best way to get over stage fright is to sort of fight through it. The reason people get scared on stage is this: it's unfamiliar territory, outside their comfort zone. So start small... gather some friends and just ask them to listen to you play some songs. treat it like you would a real gig. The more you play out, the easier it gets (generally)

about the songs, do you have a band, or would it just be a solo acoustic deal, or what? also, what kind of music do you like?
^ I agree with angelarmy on this one. Also you could play in front of your family to develop confidence because even if they hate it they will always listen.
tanks 4 the help i like rock grunge fav band is gnr. i hav 1 song in mind its lake of fire the nirvana cover originally a meat puppet song.yeh im in a band were all into grunge rock
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The reason people get scared on stage is this: it's unfamiliar territory, outside their comfort zone.

He's right. Here's what I did to overcome mine:

While my favorite instrument is electric guitar, the other guitarist in my band and I went to an open mic acoustic cafe. On a Wednesday. The only people there were management and their friends, who stayed in the front of the club mostly. Even though there was no crowd to interact with, it helped us see what it was like to be on a stage, with moniters, PA, and made our later shows a LOT easier.
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practise the songs so well that you dont need to think about what youre playing.
for me i get stage fright if im nervous if i can nail the song or not. but if i know it all 150% then all that anxiety (spelling woot?) turns to adrenalin and then you wish you were playing to whole stadium.

exaggerated that is
^ good one, at my first proper gig, i took off my glasses cos ma 'rents were in the audience