heres my first guitar pro tab. I thought this song has a creepy feeling to it. I called is Call of the Clown because: 1. clowns can be super creepy and 2. the scratchy sound in the background kind of sounds like weird laughing. Overall I thought it was pretty trippy and im still working on it. ENJOY.
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If I were trapped in a haunted circus that would be the music playing in the background for sure.

haha thats exactly what I was thinking! This isnt supposed to be a serious song or anything, just it wrote it for the hell of it. glad ya liked it though.
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That is one of the most original songs that I've seen posted here. Really creepy music, sounded great. Nothing bad to say about it at all.
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Thanks for the awesome crits. I had fun making this song, it worked out pretty much how I wanted it. There are a few parts where I bent one of the background notes like 1 1/4 steps and it gives it a sweet effect (almost like a voice on the wind or something haha)
Wow this is brilliant. I'm a big horror fan and this is definately the kind of theme music I wanna hear when I'm trapped in a house with a killer, mutated clown. Seriously, this is freakin' amazing. Ever consider doing movie scores/theme songs? Awsome work man, I love it. Gonna go listen to it again now.

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that was awesome. very well put together. thought it sounded creepier though with the new wave pad changed to string ensemble 1 and track 2 changed to choir ahhs. i also turned the volume down a bit on track 2 so you could here the violins better. but anyway good job.
This reminds me of the music from Donkey Kong 64. I love you for that. <3
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This reminds me of the music from Donkey Kong 64. I love you for that. <3

haha i hadnt thought about that but it kinda does. IMcrazy, i like that intro too, definately a good start for somethin