I've been playing acoustic 4 quite sometime now, and i feel i play ok (not good but ok). But i always have problems whenever i try 2 play 1 of my friends electric. Seems all the hammer-ons pull-offs and evrything get muffled. And its especially noticeable wen using distortion. I dunno why this happens, i always thought electrics were easier 2 play. Like just 2day, i payed my friend's Sammick. He uses a noise gate with a high threshold, and it seemed most of the notes weren't sounding, but he doesn't hav that kinda problem. Anyway, i hav problems with no noise gates too. How can i improve in this department?
maybe get an electric guitar and practice with it eventually youll get better
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Well, you might be fretting too hard or not right behind the fret.
Try a lighter touch, electrics feel 'faster' than acoustics.
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Yeah Im the opposite, Ive played electric for a while and have a good feel for it but jumping over to accoustic...just feels foreign to me. So certainly just something that takes getting accustomed to. Mabey the action/string guages on the electrics you played where alot different. I know Im pretty sensitive to changes like those.
how are you hammering on? [/QUOTE}
Well, like ppl normally do--fretting a note, playing it and hitting the other required fret with a finger.

Well, you might be fretting too hard or not right behind the fret.
Try a lighter touch, electrics feel 'faster' than acoustics.

U mean i hav 2 fret the note right behind the note? I normally fret it just in the middle of the fret. And about electrics feeling "faster" do u mean they feel sorta slippery? Coz thats what i feel most of the times when i play an electric.
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I have the same problem. I learned on acoustic and everytime I play my electric I have to lighten up on my hammer ons and stuff because I think my fingers got used to hammering on harder because the strings on my acoustic are further off the fretboard than my electric and the strings are a lot more flexible on my electric also. Haha, I think we both just dont know our own strength.
lol yeah, guess so. Thing is, u get 2 practice with ur own electric, and i get 2 make a fool outta myself in front of friends wen i try 2 play theirs. i'll see if changing my strings into electric wud help.